Aromatherapy stimulates the immune system, strengthens resistance to disease and helps to combat infections. It is especially helpful for women’s problems – PMS, menopausal distress. It aids digestion – eases constipation and abdominal spasm – and optimises the functioning of respiratory system – helps with coughs and sinusitis. It eases muscular aches and pains and promotes muscle relaxation and tone. By improving circulation and lymphatic drainage it helps to eliminate cellulite and toxins from the body. Aromatherapy can lower blood pressure, reduces stress level, will combat insomnia and other stress related disorders. It can alleviate tension headaches and helps to deal with different emotions, such as anxiety, mild depression and grief.


The relief of stress and tension


A feeling of deep relaxation


Stimulated immune system


A calm and soothed mind


Improved blood and lymph circulation


Relief from back problems


Increased energy levels


A general sense of well being


Healing benefits

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