Sara qualified as a licenced massage therapist in 1996 when she realised her calling in life and started on her journey to make a difference in people’s lives by putting her energy into learning advanced techniques to enable her to rid , or help people, diminish their pains.  She has taught advanced and basic massage and has done various talks,  and gives back by teaching what she’s discovered to those  starting out their journeys.

She specialises in neck and shoulder problems which can cause severe

headaches, pain  and restriction of movement .

As well as having years of experience treating women in pregnancy, general back pains, sciatica, muscular knee pains, she does some reflexology and is a Level 2 healer which has brought her great success helping with depression and infertility.

After having also worked at a local GP practice, Sara now runs her own clinic in the Stanmore area.  She is fully insured to practice.  She has many  references, some of which you can see on her website and others available on request.

At The Disability Foundation based at Stanmore Orthopaedic Hospital, Sara was a valuable and dedicated member of the team for nearly 15 years. She has an excellent knowledge of her field, gaining further experience on a daily basis though her work for TDF where she regularly saw patients with a range of medical conditions and disabilities.

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