Pregnancy/Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy/Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy and postnatal Massage and when your child is a toddler

Just one referral I received from April Posner who was suffering with bad sciatica prior in her last month of pregnancy:

“Just wanted to say another huge thank you for sorting my back out!!! Don’t know what I would’ve done without you! Baby due in just over a week & I can actually walk again! Thank you my angel xxx”

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy causes your body to undergo numerous changes and your body will spend the entire pregnancy adapting accordingly. Pregnant women can often feel a lot of pressure when they carry a baby, as they are suddenly responsible for the lives and health of two people. This can result in unnecessary feelings of stress and worry. During pregnancy, women need support as they try to feel ‘normal’ while a new life grows inside them.


Regular massage sessions throughout pregnancy are a great way to relieve any problematic physical symptoms of pregnancy. It works to support your vitality and overall health.

As your body goes through many changes with pregnancy, some women find that these alterations can cause pain. Massage can help to reduce this problem by doing the following:

  • Reduce fluid retention
  • Ease muscle pain & cramps
  • Diminish headaches
  • Help with swollen legs, ankles & hands/body
  • Lessen varicose veins
  • Relieve aches in muscles and joints
  • Help with sciatica nerve pain
  • Naturally decrease gas, heartburn, indigestion, and constipation

“Massage is very effective in treating fatigue and stressing during pregnancy, boosting your energy levels and helping you look and feel at your best”

What should I expect during a session?

Firstly I will do a medical consultation to check your medical history. Then depending on how many months pregnant you are and the issues I need to treat, You will either be on my treatment table or on my sit up massage chair which has a space for the baby and still allows you to relax.

Postnatal Massage

A postnatal massage is a great way to relieve the tension that can build up during pregnancy and ultimately during the birthing process. It is important to look after yourself after the baby arrives as well as while you are pregnant. Massage is also a great way to help you to deal with the stress and physical demands of caring for a newborn. Babies need carrying, feeding and rocking which puts a lot of pressure on the back, shoulders and neck for the mother.

Toddler stage

As your child gets a bit older, it’s common for mothers to carry their child on their hips while they get other things done (we are great at multi tasking) but alas this is not good for your posture and can cause all sorts of pains. Getting children in and out of car seats, especially as they get heavier can twist the body and give pain in the lower and upper back. All this is treatable.

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